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Accommodation Facilities in Antarctica Nestled within the heartland of Antarctica, Union Glacier is now the home of Adventure Network International’s base camp, the only private camp in Antarctica. The camp houses up to 50 visitors in expedition style accommodations. These have been specially designed for our needs and tested for their security and comfort in polar regions. The camp is about 1/2 mile (1 km) from the ice runway on which you land when arriving from Punta Arenas. Most people like to walk this distance after the flight but transportation is readily available. The tent camp is situated on snow which may become hard and a bit icy at times but never deep. Sleeping Guests on “Polar Dream” programmes sleep in two-person, double lined tents constructed of a high-tech nylon covering, stretched over a durable aluminum frame. Maximum heat is maintained with zippered doors and plywood floors. Guests sleep in their own sleeping bags, on mattresses, with bed linen and pillows provided by ANI. Those participating in “Expedition” and “Adventure” programs, will practice setting up and sleeping in the mountaineering style tents that they will use in the field. Staff occupy similar, mountaineering style tents around camp and Antarctic Ice Marathoners will most likely sleep in these tents with a thermarest and pillow as the staff do. Dining The "Dining Tent" is truly the heart of the camp in Antarctica. It has a complete kitchen and dining area and serves as a regular gathering place for guests to meet staff and other travellers and enjoy tea and coffee while discussing the day’s adventures. Cooks prepare wonderful delicacies from their diverse menus. Three meals a day are served and snacks and beverages are available on an ongoing basis. Food is flown in from Punta Arenas, Chile – including fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, a variety of beers and Chilean wines. Included in the dining tent is a small library of books and games for guests to enjoy. It is a place to relax, write diaries or postcards, play cards or games, or just read. Wash Facilities and Laundry There is no reason why your standard of personal hygiene should change in Antarctica; you may just have to approach it differently. Adventure Network estimates, from government tables, that if all its clients plus staff had the opportunity of using its shower facilities once a week they would generate approximately 10,000 gallons (37,500 litres) of water in the course of an Antarctic season. That is equivalent to a small swimming pool. Adventure Network International will not justify producing this amount of "grey water" and pouring it back into the Antarctic ice. In tune with its environmental policy and concerns to keep its impact to a minimum, Adventure Network offers instead facilities for “sponge bathing” using a bowl of hot water and a wash cloth. Your body will be just as clean as with a shower and you will feel more energised and invigorated. Some travellers also choose to bring pre-moistened toilettes such as “Wet Wipes” with them. For the brave the other option is a "snow bath". Toilet facilities are located in the main camp and all human waste is removed from Antarctica. Other Facilities Several other tents and structures, including vehicle workshop, equipment and food stores round out the camp facilities. At the side of the camp, two ski-equipped Twin Otter aircraft are parked. They use a separate ski runway to the north.When you arrive at camp, staff will be happy to give you a tour to introduce you to your temporary home on the ice.



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